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My Fledgling iPhone Case Collection
Latest Fashion Finds!
I Want To Be Megan Fox
Life Lately (And How You Can Raid My Closet!)
Pop Art Make-Up Look (With MAC and House of Fraser...
Pretty Little Liars OOTD
London Retro
Twin Peaks Make-Up Look
The Quest For Disney Princess Lashes
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My Fledgling iPhone Case Collection

A couple of months ago, I lost my phone. It was a relatively old Sony Xperia, not worth a great deal, but it had basically my whole life on it, and I was pretty devastated. Eventually, after changing all my login details on every website I've ever visited in my life, I began to calm down and see it as an opportunity - a push to get the iPhone I'd always wanted. After some saving up, I bought a 5S outright and put a giff gaff sim in it, which works for me and my lifestyle.

skinnydip iphone cases

One of the best parts about having an iPhone is being able to dress it up. There are so many awesome, original, and fun cases around, and I'm constantly on the look out for new ones to change things up. Here are some of my favourites so far!

I got this SkinnyDip case with chubby unicorns on it from Topshop - isn't it gorgeous?! This is what I usually have on my phone these days. I love that it's transparent so that your iPhone colour shows through the case, and who could say no to baby unicorns? 

The next one along is by Iconemesis*, and features a gorgeous feather illustration by artist Cat Sims. It's incredibly sturdy despite it's delicate appearance, would definitely protect your phone through a drop. I like to wear it when I'm feeling particularly in the minimalist fashion blogger mood!

skinnydip iconemesis iphone cases

The silicone watermelon case that you can just about see is from Tiger, and was only a couple of pounds. It's not the most practical of cases but I couldn't resist it! I love anything watermelon. And finally, the one with the death's head floral design was a thrifty buy I found on Depop. It was only about £4, and you can find some great one-off and handmade cases on Depop, for those of you who are in the market!

Latest Fashion Finds!

I haven't done a fashion post in quite a while, which seems strange and wrong to me, seeing as I've been buying so many nice clothes! I've been going through a buying-up phase, revitalising my wardrobe with some things I really love in the hope of making getting dressed a bit more fun. You know when you look into your closet and all the clothes scattered around your room, and can't find a single thing that feels like YOU? Which doesn't really make sense because no one bought those clothes except me, but there you go.

One of the places I've been looking for style inspiration is Pretty little Liars. If you've seen the outfit post I did about PLL you'll already know how obsessed I am, but for those who don't know, Rosewood is basically my Wonderland. I want to immigrate to the spooky village where it's always autumn and Zac Posen prom dresses are regular school/work attire. With that in mind, but also keeping my Cardiff reality in the picture, I picked up these awesome Office buckle boots from Depop. Depop is fast becoming a regular hunting ground for unusual threads (I have a little shop of my own you can check out here if you want to) and I'm so glad I found these to toughen up my party dresses.

The second thing I got was this delicate pink mesh top from Topshop Boutique. It's cut really boxy and is totally see-through, so I like to wear it with a pink or white bralet underneath. Continuing with the delicate pink theme, I got a tulle ballerina skirt from Hollister to go with loose tees and sandals in the summer, for a pretty, beachy vibe. I'm also going to mix it with this Aztec cardigan I got sent by WearAll*, to keep my warm around the bonfire!

Perhaps the most PLL-appropriate thing I've bought recently is this Topshop scuba skirt with a floral print. I saw a picture of Lucy Hale wearing it in her down-time, and absolutely fell in love! I went on a hunt for it and eventually scavenged one in my size.

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my Primark strawberry bag already, but here it is again, because it's just too cute! It was the highlight of my week when Primark regrammed my picture, and it scooped over 60,000 likes! I couldn't believe it. Thinking that many people have seen a picture I took is freaking mind-blowing. Blogging is crazy sometimes.

I Want To Be Megan Fox

Eyes, Naked 3 palette and Esqido false lashes* // Skin, Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff and Benefit High Beam // Lips, Mac Velvet Teddy and L'Oreal Colour Riche in Doutzen's Nude

Megan Fox is one of my all-time favourite creatures. That might surprise some of you, as I'm quite vocal about my hatred of Michael Bay movies. But there's something about Megan that is just so captivating to me. It really doesn't have much to do with her acting, her fashion sense, or anything I usually feel drawn to actors for. And yet I would happily climb inside her skin and wear her for the rest of my natural life, and yes I know how creepy that sounds. I just want to BE her. I think she would smell of watermelon and money and the sunshine. My love comes mostly from an aesthetic perspective, I admit, but I also think that as well as being beautiful, she's an incredibly intelligent business woman and all-round badass female who don't take no shit.

So what do you do when you want to have someone's face, but can't? You copy their make-up, obvs. Her hair and make-up are always on point, with signature cat eyes, gold tones, glowing, highlighted skin, and lustrous dark hair. My favourite Megan look is probably the one she sports in Jennifer's Body, circa 2009; dark pink, almost-natural lips, fluttery eyelashes that wing out in the corners, and quite pale (for her!) skin. For this post I wanted to do the more obviously Megan Fox look, the one she wears to premiers and evening events. All the focus is on the eyes and brows, so you want some excellent falsies (I used the Oh So Sweet! Esqido ones that I was sent to try out) and a neat, arched brow. You can't really see my fabulous arches from underneath my fringe, god damn it, but I assure you they are devastating. My love for Megan lives on.

Life Lately (And How You Can Raid My Closet!)

It seems like such a long, long time since I've blogged! Even though it's only been a matter of weeks, I feel totally out of the loop with you all, and my inbox has been piling up and going almost entirely untended. I guess I just wanted a bit of a break after a seriously busy couple of months on the blogging front early in the year. It was such an amazing time with so many exhausting opportunities and wonderful curveballs, and I ran myself a bit ragged trying to keep up. The fact that I lost my phone might have had a little something to do with it as well! I put it down in Starbucks and never saw it again. Seeing as my phone was basically a portal into my whole life (my blog, my email, my bank...) my stress levels were riding high at that time. The good news is that I now have a shiny new iPhone to call my own (my first iPhone!) and I'm feeling more excited to start blogging again now I feel I can do it properly. I've still been keeping up with you all via Twitter, and hosting the #crazybloggers chat every Thursday night that I can, but I've missed writing full posts and sharing new photos. I also have a new 50mm lens to play with so expect some photography experiments!

In other news, I've opened up a little Depop shop so that I can clear out my closet and make some room for new summer clothes! I'm planning on using it as a kind of permanent blog-sale, where you guys will be able to find the outfits I blog about on here, and buy them for yourself if they take your fancy. Do check it out and follow me - I'd love to find all my blogger friends on there! 

Pop Art Make-Up Look (With MAC and House of Fraser!)

Wearing: Snood (worn as top), Primark // Sunglasses, London Retro*. On My Face: Infallible 24h Foundation in Porcelain, L'Oreal // One Heck Of A Blot Translucent Powder, Soap & Glory // Liquid Eyeliner in Black, W7 // Mega Plush Mascara, Maybelline // Lipstick in Snob, Lip Pencil in Cherry (worn as eyeliner), and Select MoistureCover Concealer in NW15*, all MAC at House Of Fraser

Spring is the time for trying new things, non? Make-up not the least. There were some pretty cool looks on the catwalk for S/S15; one of my favourites being the pop-art look. Everywhere from Fendi and Dior, to Peter Som and Max Mara, showed bright, modern eye make-up reminiscent of Rothko paintings. For my own take on the look, I went for a blue-toned, almost lilac lip colour (MAC'S Snob) and some messy red stripes under my eyes, with a thin black cat-eye on top. What I love about doing shiz like this to my face is that I feel like something out of The Tribe (if you're too young to remember what that is, then god help me) but also like a character from a Lichtenstein comic painting. Try to stick to one or two primary colours, and focus on making the skin surrounding your art as dewy and flawless as possible, so that it really pops (see what I did there? Okay, sorry). The details can be geometric, colourful, or unexpected; think statement lines of colour or upside-down eyeliner. But most of all, you just want to have fun with a look like this. Think of it as a taster for all the glorious, crazy festival looks that are on their way, and just do whatever you feel like.



Pretty Little Liars OOTD

pretty-little-liars-outfitpretty-little-liars-outfitShift dress, Topshop // Peter Pan collar*, Dawson D Rose // Bag, Clark's

I know I'm not alone in saying that I am OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars. Almost every blogger I know is totally addicted to it, and there are loads of reasons for its insane popularity. It's not the best scripted (or acted...) show around, but it is a true guilty pleasure, full of intensely dramatic storylines, great hair, and amazing outfits. My favourite little liar has to be Aria Montgomery, the most boho of the bunch. She wears lots of feathery earrings and pretty dresses paired with leather biker jackets. Peter Pan collars make quite a few appearances on the show, especially on Spencer, the most preppy little liar. This outfit is kind of a mash-up of stuff I could see Aria and Spencer wearing whilst they saunter around trying to figure out who the malicious "A" is. Let me know in the comments if you watch the show, but spoilers. I'm only on season two.

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London Retro


Sunglasses*, London Retro // Lipstick, Russian Red by Mac 

A little while ago I was super excited to get offered a pair of London Retro shades by Glasses Direct to review. London Retro has just launched it's new Retrospectiv collection, and the whole range is absolutely to-die-for. It has that 60's London vibe, and all the styles are named after iconic specs-wearers from that period. I had a hard time choosing my favourite pair, but in the end I went for the Elwood sunglasses. They have that classic almost-Wayfarer type shape, just square enough to be flattering to my oval, sharply cheek-boned face.

I chose sunglasses because I'm far too lazy to get around to finally getting my eyes tested, but for those of you who know what your eyes need, Glasses Direct do prescription glasses or designer sunglasses, and you can get a free home trial if you're not sure what shapes will suit your face - such a nifty option! I'm absolutely in  love with my Elwood shades and wear them everywhere now! You just can't beat a good pair of shades. I'm going to try really hard not to tread on them/lose them at a festival. Let me know in the comments what kind of shades you're planning on getting this year.

Twin Peaks Make-Up Look

twin-peaks-make-up-lookSkin: Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation // Sleek Blush in Macaron, from the Pink Lemonade palette // Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Mugshot (from the Naked 3 palette) // Eyeko Super Skinny Eyeliner in Black // Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara // Lips: Mac Velvet Teddy // Brows: Random brown eyesahdow //

Twin Peaks is one of my favourite shows of all time, and has some epic female characters. I've always been a little obsessed with Madchen Amick, who plays small-town waitress Shelly Johnson. Shelly is a classic 90's BABE; her hair and make-up and basically everything about her is just goals, so I thought I'd attempt to recreate her natural, feminine, retro look. It's all about the lips and brows, in my opinion. She wears that distinctively 90's dark nude lipstick (I used MAC's Velvet Teddy here) and has defined brows with a pointed arch very near the middle. Another stalwart is grey eye-shadow across her whole lid and a thin line of black eye-liner very close to the lash line. I kept the skin natural with just a bit of corally-pink blush. It feels like the kind of look that I should be wearing with Mom jeans and a Calvin Klein t-shirt. Proper 90's babein'! I'm definitely getting excited for the new Twin Peaks series now, even though we've got a while to wait yet. Let me know in the comments which Twin Peaks character has your favourite make-up look!

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